Lynn K. Paul

Senior Research Scientist

Director, Caltech Psychological Assessment for Research Lab

B.A., Wheaton College 1988; M.A., 1996; Ph.D., Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, 1998; Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow, UCLA Dept. of Neurology, 1999; Neuropsychology Fellow, Travis Research Institute, 2000; Visiting Associate, Caltech, 2004-2006; Senior Research Fellow, Caltech, 2006-2009.


Mailing address:  1200 E. California Blvd., MC 228-77, Pasadena, CA 91125


Dr. Paul studies the neural systems and processes involved in social aspects of daily functioning, decision making, and executive functions. Most specifically, she is examining the contribution of inter-hemispheric connectivity to higher-level cognitive functions in humans by studying long-term neurological, cognitive and psychosocial outcomes in individuals with congenital malformations of the corpus callosum.

In addition to characterizing these individuals with standard neuropsychological instruments, she also utilizes structural and functional MRI, eye-tracking, and experimental behavioral paradigms. Utilizing these techniques in combination, her work aims to understand how brain structure and function are adapted to compensate for callosal absence, what limitations remain in spite of these adaptations, and how these factors in combination may contribute to deficits in learning, social cognition, emotion processing, and long-term adaptive functioning.

In 2002, Dr. Paul was founding president of the National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum (NODCC), a non-profit collaboration between scientists, practitioners and families. The NODCC is a 501c3 not-for-profit that beings families, clinicians, and scientists together in the effort to improve quality of life for people with callosal disorders. Dr. Paul co-authored “ACC and Me”,  a children’s book about a boy with callosal agenesis and “Emme and Me”, a book for children who have a sibling with DCC. Hardcopies available through and Kindle versions available through (proceeds go to NODCC).

She is also a founding member of the recently convened International Research Consortium for the Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Connectivity (IRC5) and serves as the International Psychology Advisor for Australian Disorders of the Corpus Callosum (AusDoCC).

Dr. Paul received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical neuropsychology from the Department of Neurology, UCLA.

In addition to research on callosal disorders, she collaborates with Dr. Ralph Adolphs on studies of social processing and brain structure in high functioning adults with autism spectrum disorders and individuals with congenital bilateral amygdala lesions. She is also the Director of the Psychological Assessment  for Research Laboratory at Caltech and principle investigator for the Psychological Assessment Core of the NIH-funded Conte Center for Social Decision Making.

Finally, Dr. Paul maintains a clinical psychology practice (L.K.Paul and Associates) in Pasadena, where she sees adult outpatient psychotherapy clients and conducts neuropsychological assessments on individuals with callosal agenesis.