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Lab Director

Ralph Adolphs, Ph.D

adolphs_ralphRalph Adolphs obtained his Ph.D. at Caltech in 1993, subsequently conducted postdoctoral work with Antonio Damasio in lesion patients, and has been on the faculty at Caltech since 2004. Ralph’s laboratory includes undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staff that all work on elucidating the neural underpinnings of social behavior. The lab studies several clinical populations, including neurosurgical patients, individuals with rare brain lesions, and people with autism. Extensive use is also made of the adjacent Caltech Brain Imaging Center, and maintains close collaborations with other laboratories at Caltech in both the divisions of biology and the humanities and social sciences.

About the Adolphs Lab

The Emotion and Social Cognition Lab (aka “The Adolphs Lab”) investigates the neural underpinnings of human social behavior. We are pursuing questions such as: How do we recognize emotion from facial expressions? How do we make social judgments about other people? How do we look at people’s faces (how do we move our eyes when looking at them)? How do we make decisions that are influenced by emotion? How do we remember emotional events in our lives? How do we make moral judgments about what is right and wrong?

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Participants Needed!

We are actively recruiting individuals from the general population—ages 16 to 65—to participate in a variety of research studies. We are also looking for participants who have a diagnosis of autism or agenesis of the corpus callosum.

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