Current Lab Members

Principal Investigators

Ralph Adolphs
Ralph AdolphsBren Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Biology; Allen V. C. Davis and Lenabelle Davis Leadership Chair, Caltech Brain Imaging Center; Director, Caltech Brain Imaging Center
Lynn Paul
Lynn PaulSenior Research Scientist
Behavioral phenotypes related to disorders of the corpus callosum and cerebral connectivity
J. Michael Tyszka
J. Michael TyszkaAssociate Director, Caltech Brain Imaging Center
Physics, engineering and analysis for magnetic resonance imaging

Post-Doctoral Fellows & Research Assistant Professors

Julien Dubois
Julien DuboisPostdoctoral Scholar
fMRI validity, reliability, and limitations, with an emphasis on individual assessment
Umit Keles
Umit KelesPostdoctoral Scholar
Computational modeling of fMRI and electrophysiological data to investigate how the human brain processes information related to social cognition
Dorit Kliemann
Dorit KliemannPostdoctoral Scholar
fMRI of the human brain to understand compensation and re-organization, with a special interest in social cognition.
Zhongzheng Brooks Fu
Zhongzheng Brooks FuPostdoctoral Scholar
Single unit studies of human cognitive control, conflict and error processing
Juri Minxha
Juri MinxhaPostdoctoral Scholar
Studying face processing with single-unit recordings from human amygdala
Cindy Hagan
Cindy HaganResearch Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Development, mood disorders, emotion, thought processes, face perception.
Shuo Wang
Shuo WangVisiting Assistant Professor
Single-neuron recordings in humans and social neuroscience
Damian Stanley
Damian StanleyVisiting Assistant Professor
Computational approaches to Social Neuroscience
Anita Tusche
Anita TuscheVisiting Assistant Professor
fMRI and multivariate decoding on altruism giving decisions

Graduate Students

Chujun Lin
Chujun LinPhD Student
Face perception, social cognition, emotion, culture, personality, prejudice
Yanting Han
Yanting HanPhD Student
Decision making in healthy subjects and mental disorders
Xiaomin Li
Xiaomin LiPhD Student
Interested in how to explain economics phenomena using cognitive neuroscience

Research Staff

Remya Nair
Remya NairStaff Scientist
fMRI analysis, functional organization in AgCC, neuroimaging data management
Tim Armstrong
Tim ArmstrongResearch Operations Manager

Support Staff

Sheryl Cobb
Sheryl CobbAdministrative Assistant
Aaron Mendelovitz
Aaron MendelovitzVisitor (w/ D. Stanley and L. Harrison)
How unconscious bias effects decision making across social and emotional experience.
Tiffany KimGrants Administrator
Steven LograssoResearch Technician (part-time)